We have consciously chosen to offer a variety of rewards to our pupils. This is because they come to the school with a variety of needs and starting points meaning that a range of shorter and longer-term rewards and levels of privilege appropriate to age and stage captures the vast majority of pupils. Some of our pupils are ‘quiet achievers’ and will manage their behaviour on a long term basis. Some struggle day to day and we need to make sure that there are rewards that motivate all.

If a pupil is struggling to access any of the reward incentives, personalised rewards will be put in place through an individual behaviour support plan (IBSP) to enable the individual to be successful.

Range of Rewards

We recently sought feedback from our pupils on our school rewards system and used their feedback to update and improve our rewards.

Golden Time (Lower School)

Across the school day, pupils work towards gaining POINTS in line with the whole school system. Visual POINTS trackers ensure pupils are aware of what POINTS they have achieved and what they need to focus on to achieve 6 POINTS. Pupils select a reward activity and collect their POINTS across lessons to ensure they are on track for ‘Golden Time’ sessions before lunch, and then again before the end of the school day.  Pupils in Years 3, 4 and 5 use a Star system in place of POINTS, where they can earn up to 4 Stars each day, which gives them the full 20 minutes of Golden Time.  Pupils can lose Stars for not participating in lessons or for showing negative behaviours, but they are able to re-earn Stars by putting things right.

POINTS (Years 6 – 11)

POINTS is the system used to model and reward behaviour for learning in lessons. Points are awarded in every lesson for:

Polite – respect and consideration for others

On Task – willing to work including homework

In on time – ready to work with the right equipment

Never give up – keep on trying

Talk it out – sum up your lesson

Staying safe – showing safe behaviours in the classroom

In the last week of each half term, POINTS are counted up and Certificates (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum) are awarded.  The Certificates earn pupils a reward, as follows:

Bronze Bonus – Additional Leisure Curriculum on the last Friday of half term.

Silver Screen – Bronze Bonus plus an afternoon off timetable watching a newly released film in the Performing Arts Centre.  A sports option will be provided for those who would prefer a run around.

Gold Goodies – Bronze Bonus, Silver Screen plus a voucher to spend in our new Curriculum Shop, which will have a range of items from books to gemstones to geometric puzzles to fiddle toys.

Platinum Party – Bronze Bonus, Silver Screen, Gold Goodies plus a ticket to a Platinum party where pupils get to hang out, have snacks, access exclusive tech and games for a lesson.

All rewards are given on the last week of every term, except for Bronze Bonus, which takes place on the penultimate Friday of term.  All pupils are invited to wear their own clothes for the last week of term, regardless of which certificate they achieve.  All pupils know that POINTS are based on how many lessons they have been to, so if they are unable to attend lessons due to illness, appointments etc, it will not affect their overall points tally.

Following consultation with the Student Voice, it was agreed that pupils who gained six gold awards over the year would be given the platinum award in the summer.

Friday Afternoon Reward Activities (KS2-4)

Friday afternoon reward activities are based on work completion. We look at the ‘on task’ point for each lesson to determine work completion. If pupils complete all their work during the week they can take part in a chosen reward activity during lesson five on Fridays. If work is not completed in lessons, pupils have the opportunity to attend catch up or take the work home if this is a strategy that works for them. Every effort is made to ensure pupils complete the work required, however, if they don’t, they will do a catch up instead of their chosen activity on Friday during lesson five. Once the work is complete, they may join in with their chosen activity, time permitting.

VIP Club

VIP Club is a special lunchtime club where pupils can hang out, play consoles and other activities.  The top 5 Positive Slip earners each week, plus the most improved Positive Slip winner and a nominated person from both Lower School and Upper School are entitled to attend.  There is a separate VIP Club list for Upper School and Lower School.

Positive Slips (Whole School)

Any member of staff can give positive slips in lessons and unstructured times to recognise and reward the following positive behaviours:

  • Above and beyond work– work that is extra special
  • Showing support– being supportive of a peer or member of staff, especially if they are finding something challenging
  • Respect– showing an attitude of respect to peers and adults
  • Responsible – showing an attitude of responsibility with a given task or taking on extra responsibility
  • Safe– doing the right thing by making safe choices

The pupil/student (one Lower School pupil and one Upper School pupil/student) who earns the highest number of positive slips in a week will receive a £5 Amazon voucher.  This is announced in Assembly.