What extra-curricular learning is offered?

We aim to provide a holistic curriculum that also allows pupils to develop their skills in areas outside of the classroom. Pupils in Year 6 attend horse riding lessons with the RDA and the majority of pupils in Lower School have the opportunity to attend swimming lessons. We also offer places on the ‘Bikeability’ programme, which is a practical training programme that provides pupils with the skills to ride a bike and also enables them to cycle confidently and competently. We also offer peripatetic music sessions through the ‘Rocksteady’ organisation. These sessions give pupils the chance to be in a band, perform songs they love and learn life skills

On a Friday afternoon, we run a ‘leisure curriculum’. This is an opportunity for pupils to take part in a wide range of activities and develop new skills. Some of the activities offered include choir, ukulele club, football, sign language and board games. Through leisure activities, pupils are learning how to self-manage during periods of less structured time and, crucially, learning more about themselves and what they find enjoyable and fulfilling. These are essential skills for mindfulness and in preparation for self-management.