Curriculum Pathways

What are the curriculum pathways?




During Years 3 – 5 all pupils follow the Explore pathway. This pathway gives a flexible weighting of curriculum strands to support younger pupils to explore learning in all areas. This allows pupils to begin to recognise where their strengths are and also identifies areas they may need support as they progress through the school. Pupils on the explore pathway receive two formal sessions of Needs lead curriculum time. This is split between Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy. These sessions are invaluable for helping our pupils to build on learning skills, functional independence and social communication.




Once pupils enter Year 6, they will be split into two separate pathways. The Endeavour pathway gives a higher weighting assigned to national curriculum and academic qualifications in preparation for further education. This includes preparing pupils to sit their SATS tests when they are in Year 6 and extra science and computing lessons when they move into Year 7.




The second pathway for Years 6-8 is the Discovery Pathway. This pathway gives higher weighting of needs led curriculum in preparation for independence outcomes. This includes extra sessions on ‘Learning to Learn’ and ‘Functional Independence’.

Placement on a particular pathway is not fixed and pupils may change or move between pathways as they move through the school. This would be based on their progress across the curriculum and in discussion with parents/carers.

What lessons are offered?

SubjectExplore PathwayEndeavour PathwayDiscover Pathway
Science22 in Year 6, 3 from Year 72
Humanities33 in Year 6, 2 from Year 71
Needs Led Curriculum224
Expressive Arts111
Forest School111