All students will follow one of the three designated pathways during their time in our Sixth Form. These are designed to extend their strengths and offer support for their areas of development.  Students will work towards accredited qualifications, ranging from Entry Level to Level 3. The emphasis is on developing skills for employment and independent living, which is offered through accredited qualifications and work experience.

Students are assessed regularly to check progress and support their learning. This is done using some formalised assessment, teacher observation and feedback and SAVI, our in-house monitoring system. Individual interventions are also offered where appropriate to support students to be able to access the curriculum. These include counselling, ELSA, numeracy and literacy support.

The Sixth Form curriculum is tailored more specifically to student need, their next steps and areas of strength and interest. We offer a range of qualifications at Entry Level 3 to Level 3. Subjects we offer currently are: English, Maths, Science, History, Sport, PE, Art, Creative Media, Construction, IT, Performing Arts, Photography, Land Based Studies, Food and Cooking, Forest School, Careers, Independence and Employability and a bespoke Needs Led Curriculum.

Qualifications offered are Entry Level, LASER, Functional Skills, GCSE, BTEC, AS, and A Level. In addition to this, students can access a range of extra-curricular options including Work Experience, GASP motor project and Duke of Edinburgh Award.

We have a broad curriculum which will be further enhanced when we move into our new premises which is projected for completion during the spring of 2022. This will coincide with the completion of our new Sixth Form centre.

Detailed curriculum maps for individual subjects are located under Subject overview on the Curriculum tab.