We are the champions!

By Support - April 22nd, 2022 | Posted in News

The St Dominic’s football team was back in action at Muntham House for an important qualification tournament for a chance to play at the prestigious St George’s Park, the FA
home of English football.
The boys were up for the challenge from the first whistle, putting in good tackles and the type of passing that unlocks defences. It was not long until the goals were coming, with powerful shots rippling the back of the net.
The teamwork and supportive attitude of the boys was great to see and that translated to results on the pitch. After a tough match or two – where we came up against some very strong opponents – the team regrouped going into the last match knowing a win would secure our place as champions and qualification.
Going in with a positive mindset and a confidence that we would come out on top, the boys were giving a determined performance and then BANG we got the goal we needed.
After some nervy moments, and last-ditch tackles, the boys were able to hold on for the win and finish the tournament as CHAMPIONS.
There were some big smiles as the players picked up their winners medals. The boys performed very well and can be very proud of what they achieved.
See you soon St George’s Park!