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By Ella Rollinson - May 17th, 2024 | Posted in Article

St Dominic’s School is named after Dominic Savio who was admired by all who encountered him for his kindness, respect of self and others and ability to reflect upon and accept himself and the difficulties he faced. Dominic worked hard to become the best he possibly could during his short life of 15 years.

The Dominic Savio Award is an important part of the history of the school and is presented each year to the Year 11 pupil who reflects the qualities of the young Dominic Savio. Through this award we acknowledge and celebrate the significant journeys pupils have made.

Staff members who have worked at the school for a year or more are asked to vote for the pupil they feel is most deserving of the award, having shown ‘cheerfulness through adversity’, and to comment as to why that pupil should receive the award. This year, for the first time, there was a tie at the top and we have joint winners – Paige and Robert. Comments from staff on why they nominated Paige included: “Paige displays enormous resilience and is cheerful in her outlook. She is very caring and friendly, which has created a positive atmosphere within her year group.” “Paige will always face the next challenge with determination and a huge smile on her face. She has surpassed her own expectations and ours; she is a true reflection of ‘cheerfulness in adversity’.” “Paige will always have a go! Someone to sing in front of the whole school? Someone to referee the staff football match? Paige will volunteer. Her quiet positivity is in the true spirit of Dominic Savio.”

Staff comments on why they nominated Robert included: “Robert is always polite and smiling. He has demonstrated compassion and understanding for his peers numerous times, offering support and seeking support from staff when concerned about his peers.” “He is very supportive to others, despite his own challenges.” “Robert has been on such a journey and has overcome significant adversity, and now remains calm, witty and a significant support to others.” “He has a very strong moral compass.” “The world needs more Roberts”.

Paige and Robert were presented with certificates and a gift voucher at a special assembly on 17 May. Their names have been added to the Dominic Savio Board, which is displayed in the hall in the main house where it has been since 1989! We hope they feel as much pride in their achievement as we do.