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St Dominic’s enters the Hambledon Village Speedwatch Scarecrow Competition

By Support - October 2nd, 2020 | Posted in News

If you have had cause to drive through Hambledon Village this week, you will have noticed lots of scarecrows along the roadside.

These scarecrows are part of the village’s community speedwatch campaign.  The hope is that they will make drivers more aware of their speed and generally slow the traffic through the narrow lanes of the village by acting as constant reminders to drivers to check their speed, as well as alerting them to the presence of children.

Annie and Jenella from our Art Department worked hard at making St Dominic’s School’s entry,

which now stands proudly at the bottom of the school’s driveway.

The scarecrows will be judged by a local Police Officer on 6 October and a prize awarded.  Perhaps it will be our spectacular entry that wins……….