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Odd Socks Day

By Ella Rollinson - November 17th, 2023 | Posted in Article

We kicked Anti-Bullying Week off with Odd Socks Day! Thank you to everyone who took part by wearing odd socks; it was the perfect opportunity to encourage people to express themselves, celebrate their individuality and discover what makes us all unique. There were some very interesting choices of socks on display.

There have been lots of activities on offer this week, dedicated assemblies and lots of discussion during our Tutor Times. Monday was also World Kindness Day, which linked in perfectly with Anti- Bullying Week! During Tutor Time we talked about small acts of kindness and how powerful they can be. We learnt that kindness can spread far and wide pretty quickly! The positive effects of kindness are experienced in the brain of everyone – whether you are giving, receiving or observing kindness.

Today is Friendship Day and we celebrated this yesterday (as today has been an Inset Day). This again linked in perfectly with Anti-Bullying Week. This was the ideal opportunity to celebrate friendship and promote positive relationships. During Tutor Time, we discussed what makes a good friend and the fact that friendships will always have ups and downs. We all go through relationship challenges and this can happen at any age.

The week has taught us that we must be kind to ourselves as well as being kind to one another. Nobody should ever have to feel the effects of bullying. Kindness costs nothing and it should be something we give out regularly. Well done, St Dominic’s, for having such a friendly and supportive week.