National Children’s Mental Health Week

By Support - February 7th, 2020 | Posted in News

At St Dominic’s we have marked National Children’s Mental Health Week by raising
awareness and taking part in activities. The theme this year is Find your Brave. We launched the week in Monday’ s assembly where we looked at situations that are challenging to us such as taking a test, coping with change, disagreements with friends and so on. We talked about the fact that it can be good for us to Find our Brave as we need courage to tackle challenges and although this can be difficult at times it can help us by making us feel proud, empowered and more confident.

Over the course of the week, we built up a ‘Tool Box’ of tips and strategies in the chapel. In their Key Stage meetings or tutor groups, pupils and students have identified ways in which they ‘find their brave’ – we have put all of these ideas in the Tool Box for all to see and share.

As well as the building the Tool Box over the week, each morning in tutor time, pupils and students discussed different types of mental health difficulties and also learned about strategies and types of support available.

Click here for more details on this initiative.