We are open with a phased return of pupils over the summer term keeping in line with risk assessments based on latest government guidelines.

As always, we are here to support all our families. If you have any queries please contact us on office@stdominicsschool.org.uk and we will respond to you urgently.

Please read our COVID 19 Annex to our Child Protection, Adult Protection & Safeguarding Policy, which is located under the ‘Key Information’ tab, under ‘Policies’.


Please click the links below for information and guidance on COVID-19:

St Dominic’s Social Communication Programme Targets for COVID-19

Minister Ford’s open letter to the SEND sector 30 May 2020

Minister Ford’s open letter to the SEND sector 24 March 2020


Surrey Adult Education: online learning courses

Hand Washing Guidance updated

Handwashing remains one of the single most important activities recognised to impact on managing and controlling COVID-19. The government have added the importance of drying your hands to their handwashing guide

Bacteria and viruses like ‘warm damp’ environments so please be sure to dry your hands:

NHS –  click here

WHO – click here

GOV click here

If you find your skin is suffering from the repeated handwashing, the Royal College of Nursing make some recommendations on skin health ….for their top tips please click here.


St Dominic’s YouTube Channel for Video Lessons

Our channel and videos are ‘unlisted’, this means that they cannot be searched for normally, they are only accessed via clicking here.

We ask please that you do not share this link with anyone not associated with St Dominic’s School.

Useful links re mental health support:


SHOUT  is the UK’s first 24/7 text service,  It’s a place to go if you’re struggling to cope and you need immediate help. https://www.giveusashout.org/

Letter from Mind Matters about the free NHS talking therapy service provided by Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Link to Mind website for information and support re Coronavirus and your mental health

YOUNGMiNDS website for advice and guidance on where to get support for mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic

Joyful June Action for Happiness Calendar 2020

Correspondence to parents: 

1. Letter to families re Coronavirus – 250220

2. Letter to families – update to Coronavirus – 270220

3. To all families advising of actions being taken by school re Corona Virus – 130320

4. Letter to All Families re partial closure of school – 170320

5. Letter to all families – procedure in the event of an extended school closure – 180320

6. Letter to all Families – 190320

7. Letter to all Families & proposed timetable – 200320

8. Letter to all Families – Update on which pupils and students should stay at home – 230320

9. Letter to all families re internet & social media safety – 250320

10. Letter to families Update – 030420

11. Letter to all Families Support – 300420

12. Letter to families Reintegration – 130520

13. Letter to all Families re Zoom catch-up meetings – 130520

14. Letter to families re plan for June 2020 – 200520

15. School Transport Letter for Y6 families – 210520

16. Letter to all families re photography competition – 220520

17. Letter to Year 6 families – 010620

18. Letter to Year 10 families 050620

19. Letter to all families re roadmap for pupils and students returning to school 080620

20. Letter to families re further reintegration of pupils 120620

21. Letter to families of Y11 and 6th Form pupils and students 120620

22. Letter to Pupils

23. Year Groups in School by Week

24. Letter to families 120620

25. Letter to families re updated plan from 6 July – 250620

26. Letter to families 030720

27. Updated Handbook for Returning to School July 2020



The residential special school provides highly effective services that consistently exceed the standards of good. The actions of the school contribute to significantly improved outcomes and positive experiences for children and young people. Ofsted – March 2019



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Please click here to read our COVID 19 Annex to our Child Protection, Adult Protection and Safeguarding Policy.  

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