School Meals

Connect Catering

Connect Catering have enjoyed a long and positive working relationship with St Dominic’s School since 2010. They are a family run contract catering company who take pride in offering a professional, honest and reliable catering service to the school pupils and students, staff and visitors.  They offer a nutritious menu with freshly prepared food each day and always strive to meet the dietary needs and tastes of everyone in the school.

Their approach 

The Connect team provide the school community with a well-balanced and nutritious diet, paying particular attention to individual dietary needs and always offer alternatives to pupils and students that have yet to develop their range of foods. We encourage all our learners to try new foods, making sure that they feel ‘safe’ to do so. The Connect team also attend food meetings to discuss the menus with the pupils and students to better understand their likes and dislikes.

High Standards

St Dominic’s School has been awarded Elite status by the Food Standards Agency as we have achieved three consecutive top scores during Environmental Health inspections.  We have also achieved the highest rating, for the last 3 years, for the internal audits that Connect Catering carry out during the year.


Morning Break – Healthy snacks are provided for the pupils and students on the playground.

Lunch Time – We have three sittings in the dining room, which helps control the noise levels. We offer meat or fish and vegetarian options each day, as well as baked potatoes, fresh vegetables, a salad bar and bread. We also offer alternatives for individual dietary needs. A choice of fresh fruit, yoghurt and homemade pudding are offered each day.