Family Feedback

This is what some of our current families say about St Dominic’s School.


It is not easy to put it into words. I honestly think St. Doms is a lifeline for us. I don’t know what we would do without the placement. Our son absolutely loves school and loves the staff and we are eternally grateful for all the support and care he receives.

We believe that St Dominic’s is the best school to meet our son’s needs. The staff are caring and supportive and the therapy team are excellent. He enjoys attending the school.

St Dominic’s has been invaluable for our son. The smaller class sizes, the flexibility and support around meeting his needs means that he is content to come to school.

We feel St Dominic’s is a safe place, with caring teachers and staff. Based on increased attendance, we hope to see the value of the placement over the years, it is certainly more supporting than a Unit within a mainstream school which he could not cope with.

Our son’s placement at St. Dominic’s is so important.  There’s no doubt he would be left behind in a mainstream secondary school. St Dominic’s has the resources to provide a traditional education but also enrichment and life skills which he wouldn’t receive anywhere else.

Our son is just meant to be at St Dominic’s. He is happy, confident and so willing to go to school – even for the holiday enrichment days. He seems particularly eager this year and has a lot of respect for his teachers and other staff.

We are very grateful for our daughter’s place at St Dominic’s. She is given opportunities to be successful and this has boosted her confidence and self-esteem. She is much more willing to try.

At St Dominic’s, with the calm and flexible environment, small classes with high staff to student ratio together with the highly and appropriately trained and experienced staff, our son has been able to progress in his learning and continue his studies in the 6th form with positive feedback and results. Through his progress, he has shown that he has benefitted from, and continues to require, the full-time curriculum which includes the Needs Led programme. This provides a structured programme to help him to develop his social communication skills and to help him to learn to manage his emotions. This is together with essential work on his functional independent skills and employability skills.

I am hoping that my son will have another great year, I am so proud of him, all he has achieved given the circumstances and am so grateful for another year of outstanding support from everyone at St Dominic’s. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all.