Our Needs Led Curriculum incorporates teaching in the following skills areas: 

  • Skills for Communication 
  • Skills for Independence 
  • Skills for Learning
  • Skills for Self-Development 
  • Skills for Enrichment 

Needs Led and PSHE Subject Overview

This curriculum also includes the wider PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) as well as the Relationships and Sex Education curriculum. This is a vital part of any leaners curriculum. It should provide pupils and students with the knowledge and skills to access their community safely, responsibly and effectively. It should ensure that they leave education ready to take up their place in the wider world. 

For those pupils and students with special educational needs it is vital that these skills are taught with the specialist knowledge of how learners will interpret, process and put into practice what they learn. The Needs Led Curriculum that is designed and delivered by the therapy team. This ensures that these key, sensitive and vital topics are delivered and overseen by those with the specialist knowledge to break down, sequence, and support retention of what is learnt. 

We deliver flexible and responsive content, ensuring pupils and students are able to live with meaningful independence, secure paid employment in a career that is of interest and relevance to them, enjoy social inclusion and positive, safe relationships throughout the whole of their lives.

Skills for Communication 

Pupils and students are supported to develop their understanding and expressive language skills as well as their social interaction skills. This area is overseen by the Speech and Language Therapy team and is broken down into the following areas: 

  • Attention and Listening 
  • Understanding
  • Narrative skills 
  • Vocabulary 
  • Relationships 
  • Play and Social Interaction 

Skills for Independence 

Pupils and students are supported to develop their skills in organisation, self-regulation and independence in the wider world. This area is overseen by the Occupational Therapy team and is broken down into the following areas: 

  • Self-care
  • Functional Motor skills 
  • Sensory Modulation 
  • Independent Living 
  • Personal Safety and Welfare 
  • Organisation and Preparation for Work

Skills for Learning 

Pupils and students are taught how to manage themselves in a classroom, seek out learning opportunities, work with others and think creatively. These skills are taught through all areas of the curriculum and high quality teaching ensures that pupils and students develop confidence in themselves as learners. Our Skills for Learning are: 

  • Self-Managers 
  • Independent Enquirers 
  • Reflective Learners 
  • Team Workers 
  • Effective Participators 
  • Creative Thinkers

Skills for Self-Development 

This area of our curriculum is delivered through everything we do as a school. Our ethos and values teach our pupils and students that they matter and that they are unique. They are supported to develop their self-esteem, growth mind-set and understanding how to achieve their goals. Pupils and students are also taught about decision making and planning for their future. Our skills for Self-Development are: 

  • Positive Attitudes 
  • Emotional Resilience 
  • Ambitious Goals 
  • Leadership and Presentation of Self 
  • Staying Safe
  • Decision Making and Planning for the Future 

Skills for Enrichment 

This area of our curriculum is overseen by our Head of Fundamental British Values and Cultural Capital. Pupils and students have opportunities to debate and discuss current affairs, develop their knowledge of different types of cultural experiences, understand democracy and show respect and tolerance. Our skills for Enrichment are: 

  • Spirituality 
  • Morality 
  • Social Understanding 
  • Citenzenship 
  • Cultural Understanding 
  • The World of Work