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Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

By Ella Rollinson - May 3rd, 2024 | Posted in Article

The weekend of the 27th and 28th April, our first Year 10 group undertook their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition. This consisted of two days of walking and one night of camping.

On the Saturday, the group left the school around 10am and where dropped off at the Devils Punch Bowl carpark before embarking on the walk back to school via the Green Sand Way.

During the walk, the group stopped at Thursley Church and were treated to a wedding at which the bride arrived on horseback.

Once lunch had been consumed, they headed off for the second half of the day hoping to follow their planned route back to school. However, things did not quite go as planned and they decided on a more scenic route that added a few kilometres to their walk and a decision was made that as the weather was getting wetter and darker, the group were collected from Brook in the minibus to return to school and start setting up camp for the evening.

Setting up camp in consistent rain and wind was probably something that not many of the pupils had experienced before and is quite challenging for even a hardened camper but they battled, getting tents set up before cooking their evening meal and having an early night. Unfortunately for all concerned, the rain did not really let up all night and for those that have camped, you will know just what it is like to be in a small tent with the rain constantly pit patting away on the outer.

Early next morning, at around 6am, the group started to rise to have their breakfast and to pack away for the second days walk, although the decision was made to leave the tents hanging in the gym to dry out a little before being packed away so that now became an early Monday morning job.

At around 9.30am, the group set off, this time for Blackdown, to again make their way back to school on their pre planned route. Unfortunately, the route following did not quite go as planned and an additional loop was added as the group really wanted to tackle an extremely muddy and hilly part of the walk that they had found for a second time. However, this did mean that time was running out to get back to school in time to meet the parents as arranged so again, the decision was made to pick them up early.

The weekend ended with a short presentation to their accessor before they all headed home weary and a little bit muddy. Whilst the group may not have made their final destination for the walk, they did manage to cope with some pretty nasty conditions and at all times keeping their moral up and helping each other out and this is the overall aim of Duke of Edinburgh.

The staff involved thought the group did really well and Mr Connor and Mr Rye would like to thank everyone involved in what was a difficult but successful weekend.