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Messages from our Parents

This is what some of our current parents say about St Dominic’s

"After 4 years of being in the wrong educational settings, my son finally is happy to go to school every day.  The Staff continuously keeps parents informed of any difficulties.  What is abundantly clear is how much all the staff care! Don’t change anything!"

"Our son is very happy – the committed hard working staff work together to maximize pupils’ potential."

"My Son has been able to regain his confidence and self-belief as a valuable, talented kind and generous person as well as restoring much lost academic time wasted in mainstream here at St Dominic’s."

"My Son has made incredible progress emotionally and applies himself much better academically. The mentoring aspect is key to his progress."

"St Dominic’s supports and helps my daughter very well.  Her progress is good and she is happy."

"My son has been very happy at St Dominic’s – it is a wonderful school."

"We are delighted with the progress he has made in sixth form – both academic and in his social skills / independence. This reflects the progress we believed he could make, given the correct placement but, if anything, has exceeded our expectations."

"We are very pleased with his effort and achievements.  During the last six months to a year he appears to have become much more comfortable with himself and his self-perception has improved.  We are particularly proud of his ability to overcome his difficulties, and of his academic and personal achievements.  Thank you to the school and the whole staff for your approach and work with our son."