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An individual journey, a team adventure …………..

The curriculum at St Dominic’s School has been specifically designed to maximise its relevance to every-day life so that the pupils and students are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed in order to be happy, valued members of the school and of the wider community.

Across the school there is a culture of high expectation whereby every opportunity for learning is maximised. To ensure that all pupils and students benefit fully from the curriculum, a team of highly skilled and dedicated staff work tirelessly to ensure that the environment is nurturing, yet appropriately challenging. The very strong relationships established and maintained between staff, pupils, students, families and carers also helps to promote the pupils’ and students’ learning.

To help unlock the potential of every pupil and student, staff have created a Needs Led Curriculum which takes a blended thematic approach. The Needs Led Curriculum is based upon seven key strands: Learning to Learn, Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Language and Communication, Functional Independence and Myself and Others. These seven strands are at the core of all learning experiences throughout the Waking Day and compliment the formal requirements of the National Curriculum. The National Curriculum subjects include: maths, English, science, computing, RE, PE, humanities, PSHCE, art, music, design technology and Modern Foreign Languages.

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The curriculum is further enhanced by the school’s excellent range of outdoor facilities which are used to support pupils’ and students’ learning experiences on a daily basis. Activities such as the “Forest School” have been highly successful in helping pupils develop their self-esteem and their ability to form good working relationships with others. Pupils and students also have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities to develop their skills through being involved in, for example, the small animal farm, Young Enterprise and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme.

Across the Key Stages all lessons, assemblies and extra–curricular activities integrate spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects wherever possible so that pupils and students develop a good understanding of the world in which they live.

Whilst the pupils and students follow the requirements of the National Curriculum, the school recognises that the pupils and students at St Dominic’s School learn, achieve and succeed in different ways. As a result, pupils and students follow individualised learning pathways and have a Personal Learning Plan to support them. Therapists at the school have also developed a Social Communication Programme which is used by all staff to further support pupils’ and students’ learning.

At KS4 and KS5 there are a wide range of accredited vocational and traditional academic courses which pupils and students can study in-house. There is also the opportunity for pupils and students to study other courses at nearby local colleges. The KS4 curriculum offer for 2016-17 includes:  foundation and level 1 and 2 (Laser, BTEC, Vcerts and GCSEs) qualifications in English, maths, science, computing, design technology, art, photography, employability skills, certificate of personal effectiveness, construction and building, English speaking and listening and small animal care and construction. The KS5 curriculum offer for 2016 – 19 includes the above qualifications as well as the additional qualifications: small animal care diploma and a range of Level 3 qualifications in the core subjects.  For more details about the Sixth Form offer please go to the Sixth Form section on the website.

How will this be achieved?

Pupils and students will be involved in a range of learning experiences throughout the Waking Day through the delivery of the Needs Led Curriculum and subjects from the National Curriculum at KS2 and KS3 and accredited courses at KS4 and KS5.

Needs Led Curriculum

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