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PE Funding

Sport Premium Report

Academic Year 2016-17

How much money did the school expect to receive?


How did the school spend the money?


  • Horse riding

  • Soft play equipment

  • Swimming

The Physical Education Department agreed that pupils faced behavioural, attention and motivation issues during lessons. After doing some research, it was found that a kinaesthetic approach would conceivably affect positively on these three aspects. Pupils needed to do more exercise which is proven to reduce behavioural issues and improve pupil’s cognitive development.

In PE, the goal was to improve the overall individual experience through the learning process. The focus was on basic movement skills from Physical Education (jump, run, crawl, etc.) and techniques from psychomotricity sessions. In psychomotricity, soft play equipment is used to work safely on gross-motor skills and bilateral co-ordination. Furthermore, the improvement in bilateral co-ordination enabled the individual to progress in their numeracy and literacy skills showing cross curricular needs.

All this met the Physical Education Department vision and methodology of ‘TGfU’ (Teaching Games for Understanding) and we decided to purchase use soft play equipment with various shapes and sizes, horse riding lessons and swimming lessons.

Data shows that there was an improvement in behaviour, dropping from 28 negative incidents per month to 14. Furthermore, 80% of pupils closed the gap in their Physical Education knowledge and skills. 



Sport Premium Report

Academic Year 2017-18


How much money does the school expect to receive?

How did the school spend the money?

This academic Year 2017- 2018 the planned spend of the Sport Premium is to explore and improve the quality of teaching across the waking day curriculum. The proposal is for St Dominic’s School to use the funding gain access into the Youth Sports Trust at a Level 3 membership and gain a Quality Mark of Silver above. This would show a nationally recognised accreditation that we have the health and wellbeing at the heart of our learners.

Having access to the Youth Sports Trust means, we can have a wider range of CPD opportunities for staff working in the Physical Education Department. Furthermore, we can develop other key members of staff within the school setting to have a greater understanding of Physical Education and to gain an understanding of what it means for pupils to be physically literate. The school with membership will have access to online resources giving examples and ideas of best practice in Physical Education. Additionally, the school will receive consultancy visits from the Youth Sports Trust to advice and ensure best practice is delivered. The membership will allow use a place at the Youth Sport National Conference giving further CPD development for staff. 

In addition, the Physical Education Department are exploring the possibility of funding and developing a 3G artificial pitch to replace the current pitch. This would affect upon the whole school and develop physical literacy across the waking day and residential curriculum.