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Independent Visitor

The Independent Visitor (IV) is independent of the management of the school.

Each review/visit (minimum of six throughout the year) is recorded and is subject to a check for completeness and compliance by the Lead Governor for Residential Standards/Safeguarding as well as made available during Ofsted inspections. 

The Independent Visitor will arrange unannounced/announced visits and reviews and have the ability to hold by arrangement “listening” sessions with pupils, students and staff. Visits to undertake the role will be fully at the discretion of the Independent Visitor and will include unannounced review of facilities and relevant activities for pupils and students across the residential experience.

Additionally the Independent Visitor is expected to develop practical arrangements to be available for day pupils and students attending the school. This development and arrangements will allow day pupils and students to access a similar level of independent advocate and voice on their behalf.

Following each visit by the Independent Visitor a report is completed and will be issued to the following in its finalised form to:

  • The Chair of the Governing Body,
  • The Principal
  • The Head of Care
  • The Lead Governor (for residential standards and safeguarding).

It is expected that any matters for action will be acted upon by the Principal via local arrangements for the operation of senior management processes.