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Support & Donations

Family Support

The School’s Admissions & Family Liaison Coordinator provides an additional support system for our families, many of whom fall outside the statutory systems available. This support ranges from home visits to liaising with external agencies in the home areas to help identify and provide additional support. 

The Admissions & Family Liaison Coordinator coordinates the referral and admissions of all new pupils and helps minimise the anxieties of both families and pupils by creating individualised transition plans into the school. By working directly with families we will have the opportunity to enhance relationships and offer much needed support to the families throughout this  difficult process.

Please contact our Admissions & Family Liaison Coordinator on 01428 684693 or use our enquiry form.

The School's Head of Transition and Wellbeing, Mrs Ginny Willis, also supports our young people and families. This role has the lead accountability for transition and wellbeing services for our pupils and students as well as the lead on, and ensure on-going compliance with, the expectations of Education, Health and Care Planning for our pupils and students.