Sand Art III

Mission, Ethos & Values

OUR MISSION/ETHOS (ie what we do and for whom) is:

“To provide the best educational, care and transition pathways for children and young people from ages 7 - 19 years who experience difficulties with learning and communication because of their special or complex educational, health or care needs.”


OUR VISION (ie what we want) is:

“To be an outstanding school that gives every child and young person the best chance to fulfil their potential, achieve ambitious goals and live life to the full.”



  We accept, celebrate and understand our unique identities

  1. We respect and value each other for who we are and what we can achieve as individuals and as a community.

  2. We offer a multi-disciplinary, holistic approach in partnership with families, communities and professionals

  3. We understand that everything we do, regardless of role, is to inspire, empower and secure positive outcomes and relationships for all pupils and students

  4. We ensure that the values of humanity remain the foundation of our spirituality, social interactions and pastoral care across the waking day curriculum. 

  5. We provide a needs led curriculum that focuses on the individual’s developmental needs and enhances and supports academic subjects.

  6. We seek and retain dedicated staff who  are committed to the vision and mission of the school.

  7. We consider the views of children, young people and their families

  8. We enable children, young people and their families to participate in decision making

  9. We are confident that our children and young people can take the next step into the world equipped to realise their potential and live life to the full.