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7th October 2016

We are really pleased to have a new behaviour initiative here at St Dominic’s with the introduction of the positive behaviour slip.

Students will be able to receive extra recognition for their positive behaviour and above and beyond work through five key aspects of life at St Dominic’s as shown in the poster. Staff will record the slip on our new data system (Sleuth) and pupils will be notified at the time and praised for their achievement.

All slips will be counted up and special mentions will be given in our Good News Assembly each Friday. In addition, the person with the most amount of slips for the week will receive a £5 Amazon voucher in the same assembly.

On the last Friday of each half term, a tally will be counted for the whole of the half term and vouchers will be given to the pupils with the highest count for each key stage. We are hoping that a consistent whole-school focus on positive actions and behaviour - and being able to share it in a public forum each week - will generate overall positivity and have a great impact on the school.