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Pupils & Students Vote to Name our Small Animal Farm Residents

30th September 2015

Pupils and students were given the opportunity to vote for their favourite name for each of our new animals. The names had been put forward by the pupils and students, and votes were cast by a show of hands.

Suggestions for our pretty grey and black female rabbit were: Kate, Amelia, Jenny, Misty, and Starlight


She has been named Misty.

Suggestions for our brown/beige lop eared rabbit were: Emma, Mel, Penny, Tiger, Lola, and Picca.


She has been named Lola.

The guinea pigs were next, with the cute and squeaky tri-coloured female being next in the election. The names suggested for her were:  Tufty, Fluffy, Tiffin, and Biscuit


She has been named Biscuit.

Next came the scruffy Abyssinian female, the suggestions for her were:  Squeaky, Scruffy, Blossom, and Nibbles.


She has been named Nibbles (which is very apt as she has part of her ear missing).

Finally, we met our new addition to the St Dominic’s Ark, a tortoise we have rescued who is over 50 years old!  He proved to be a real hit with everyone in the chapel. The names suggested for him were: Freddy, Dominic, Jimmy, Gallop, Sheldon, and Carl. 


He has been named Sheldon and is settling in well in his house and garden and is particularly enjoying his sunken bath.  


All our animals are very individual and special to us as new members of our wonderful school.  The pupils and students are already benefitting from and enjoying connecting with these beautiful creatures.

We are keen to increase our animal occupancy and would ideally like to re-home animals that, for whatever reason, can no longer be properly cared for.  If you know of any animals that need to be rescued please contact Mrs Gilmour.