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Potential Adverse Weather - For information

11th January 2017

Given the needs of our learners, our policy is to remain open at all times unless conditions are unsafe for our learners. We are aware that the met office has forecasted:

There is a chance of snow settling with disruption to road, rail and air services as well as interruptions to power supplies and other utilities - this more likely across East Anglia and southeast England. Associated heavy rain and strong winds may prove additional hazards. As skies clear on Thursday night there is also potential for widespread ice to form quite rapidly on untreated surfaces. This is an update to slightly increase the risk of disruption from snow, as well as to introduce ice as a hazard.

Please note that we will keep a close watch on the forecast and changing conditions as our primary concern is for the safety and wellbeing of everyone.  if the decision is taken to close the school all parents will be notified by:

  • an email and a text message. Parents who do not have a mobile or email address will be phoned as soon as possible. 
  • a message should be posted to the front page of the website and updated as and when required.

If you have recently changed your contact details, please contact the school immediately and inform them of your new details.