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Ofsted 'Outstanding' Residential Inspection

5th September 2014

St Dominic’s School celebrates an 'Outstanding' Ofsted inspection of its residential care.

We were thrilled to receive the positive results this week of our most recent Ofsted inspection of residential care at St Dominic’s School.

Alison Livesley, Chair of the RADIUS Trust Board: "The Board is delighted that St Dominic’s received positive verdicts from its recent Ofsted inspection on residential care.  

St Dominic's was graded Outstanding.  It was particularly rewarding that the Ofsted report recognised the strong relationships that the school has developed not just with pupils but with their families. One pupil's comment on the boarding provision is that "it feels like home".  Close and positive links between school and families is an ambition of the Trust for all its pupils.

The Board would like to thank all its staff at St Dominic’s for their commitment and hard work and to congratulate them on achieving such positive feedback from the recent inspections"

The school was given three hours notice of this inspection, which took place during the summer term in June 2014. During the inspection all accommodation areas were seen. Interviews with key staff were held and the inspector also spent time with the pupils at mealtimes. School policies and procedures, records and boarding routines were scrutinised. Feedback was gained from the local authority designated officer for child protection as well as parents of children within the school. 

St Dominic’s School was awarded OUTSTANDING results across all categories indicating “a school which provides an exceptional quality of care and significantly exceeds minimum requirements.”


Summary of key successes at St Dominic’s School:

  • Extremely positive, respectful and nurturing relationships with experienced and committed staff enable pupils and students to trust the adults who care for them and benefit from their support and guidance.

  • Pupils and students thrive in an environment where staff recognise and value their individual strengths and unique qualities. The residential provision is central in advancing their academic, personal, social and emotional development. Pupils and students receive admirable support to become confident, independent members of their communities.

  • Pupils and students make huge strides in their emotional maturity due to the close attention paid to their emotional well-beings. Families recognise and report significant progress and improvement.


    Angela Drayton, Principal at St Dominic’s School: “Our aim is to help each pupil or student and their families achieve ambitious goals enabling them to live life to the full. We accept and celebrate our unique identities and respect and value each other for who we are and what we can achieve as individuals and as a community.”