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23rd September 2016

We had a great response from our pupils and students to the election of the Student Voice representatives for this academic year, with 20 putting themselves forward for consideration. A huge thank you to everyone for their commitment to supporting our school community.

Our new Student Voice Representatives are:

Key Stage 3:  Lewis Kemp & Aaron Mayes

Key Stage 4:  David Hoyle & Owen Lamb

Key Stage 5:  James Matthissen

We wish them a great year on Student Voice.




We were really pleased to see a lot of interest from our Key Stage 2 pupils, and we have therefore decided to start a Key Stage 2 Forum, which will meet once a fortnight and will be Chaired on rotation by those pupils who wish to take part.  Any issues raised at these Forums will be included on the Agenda for the Student Voice Meetings, so that all Key Stages have representation and a voice at the Student Voice