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Callum Day wins the 2016 Dominic Savio Award

6th May 2016

On Friday 6 May we held our annual Dominic Savio Award assembly, which is one of the many highlights of the school year.

The Dominic Savio Award is presented each year to the Year 11 pupil who reflects the qualities of the young Dominic Savio who was admired by all those who came into contact with him for his kindness, respect of self and others and ability to reflect upon and  accept himself and the  difficulties he faced.  Dominic worked hard to become the best he possibly could during his short life of 15 years.

This year the staff had a difficult decision to make because many of our Year 11 pupils have worked hard to overcome their difficulties; but one pupil stood out. Staff members who have worked at the school for a year or more were asked to vote for the pupil they felt was most deserving of the award and comment as to why that pupil should receive the award. Comments from staff include:

  • He is helpful and thoughtful.
  • He is a friendly, kind, reliable and hardworking pupil who is a good friend to many. 
  • He is a good role model to his peers and despite his difficulties he is always keen to contribute and to do his best.
  • He is a polite pupil who is supportive of his peers and an active and vocal member of Student Voice.
  • He has made enormous strides during his time here at St. Dominic's and despite his difficulties is always keen to contribute and to do his best.
  • He knows he sometimes gets it wrong but can admit it, learn from it and move on.
  • He has a great sense of humour and huge potential.

The results were very close but the overall winner this year is Callum Day.

 Callum receives award

Callum joined St Dominic’s in February 2011 and over the past five years has grown into a fine young man who is a positive role model for us all. He is helpful, kind respectful and non-judgemental he accepts his difficulties and has worked really hard to overcome them. He is also committed to encouraging, helping and supporting his peers when they are struggling.  Since starting at St. Dominic's School Callum has matured and become a good role model for other pupils. He has worked hard to his full potential, is polite when he sees you around school, stops and talks, holds doors open and is helpful and respectful.  Callum has worked really hard to manage his own behaviour and emotions and is always interested in others.  He is always kind to other pupils and students and always does his best despite the challenges he faces.  He has come a long way and overcome so many challenges. He is a very supportive member of his peer group and has shown significant improvement throughout his time here, never giving up and cheerful even when things were difficult in his life.

Callum is a truly worthy winner and when his named was announced he was quite shocked.  He thanked St Dominic’s community for supporting him and said ‘There are so many incredible and wonderful people in Year 11 and so I feel very humbled to have been given the Dominic Savio Award.’

Callum’s parents were able to attend the assembly and were really proud to see Callum receive this prestigious award.  Mr Day said: ‘We are so proud of Callum and everything he has achieved; he has really matured and is focussed on his studies. We’re delighted and extremely proud that Callum has the Dominic Savio Award.  St Dominic’s has been an incredibly supportive environment for Callum, which has enabled him to thrive.  Callum will be studying A levels at Reigate College where he will be starting in September; he has achieved so much this year.

Callum & family

Callum’s parents said:  ‘We would like to thank Mrs Drayton and all the staff at St Dominic’s for all their kindness and understanding.’

Well done, Callum!